Imagine if all your favorite drinks had butts

New sticker pack just dropped + holiday subscription sale!

Editor’s note: Hopefully you have no intention to check your email on Friday, but if you do, you won’t see a Fingers newsletter. Or Monday, either—I’m taking a small break for the holiday weekend. Fingers will return to your inbox on Wednesday, 12/1. Happy Thanksgiving!

‘Tis the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a day for drinking in your parents’ basement with your siblings, or at the local bar with people you know from high school, or perhaps not drinking at all if that’s your thing, which is fine. Anyway!

Your fearless Fingers editor joins you this morning from northern New Jersey, where I’ll be relaxing with family in between Kelsey Grammer search missions to area watering holes and liquor stores. He’s been promoting his vaguely Christian craft beer brand in my old stomping grounds lately; my mom told me if I find him I can invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. Could be pretty huge for the boozeletter.

Also huge for the boozeletter: as of last week, the Fingers Fam has crossed the 1,600 mark, and is going strong. Incredible! Welcome aboard to all the new readers. Over the past year and a half Fingers has published tons of original journalism and commentary about every aspect of drinking in America, from reports on the craft beverage labor movement and big brewers’ hypocritical political spending; to critiques of jingoistic drinking rituals and hardo-cop drinking schlock; to long-form interviews and podcasts with interesting journalists, authors, and scholars from the world of booze and beyond.

Seeing as how tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I wanted to extend a token of my thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of this growing community. Which brings me to…

💸 Special holiday subscription offer!

If you’re already a paying Friend of Fingers, a) thank you, you rock; and b) you can probably just skip to the next section. For the rest of you: I’m running a Thanksgiving sale on annual subscriptions to Fingers! If you’ve been waiting to subscribe, now is the time:

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Your subscriptions are essential to sustaining the independent coverage and commentary you’ve come to expect and appreciate from Fingers. The sale ends Monday at midnight.

At the risk of coming off a bit pushy here: many of the readers that open these newsletters the most are also those who haven’t paid. Believe me, I get it—there are a lot of newsletters out there! But if you value this one, and you’ve been on the fence about subscribing, I hope this sale is enough to get you to take the leap. Plus, I’ve got a special gift for those of you who do.

🍑 Introducting Fingers x Butts by Brando

To sweeten the deal on your Fingers subscription, I teamed up with my buddy Brandon, the artist behind the wonderful, whimsical Instagram account @ButtsbyBrando, to create the trio of original, collaborative stickers you see above. I’ll mail a sticker1 and a handwritten note to each of the first 50 people to buy an annual subscription via this sale:

Get 20% off for 1 year

Instructions to follow next week on how to claim your limited-edition Fingers x Butts by Brando sticker. And if you’re already a paid-up Friend of Fingers and want one of these sweet stickers, don’t worry—I’ve got you covered. You’ll get those same instructions on how to snag a sticker early next week, too.

If you simply don’t want a Fingers subscription at any price, but desperately want one of these stickers anyway… well, I’d really rather you bought a subscription! The discount works out to less than $6 a month! But you can also buy these stickers a la carte for $5 each. Reply to this email and we’ll sort something out.

🧐 Close-ups of the stickers, in all their glory

Be sure to follow @ButtsbyBrando on Instagram for more great drawings like these. Brandon is a terrific artist with a delightful and bizarre sense of humor and I’m so glad we were able to work together on this project.


To make this process run smoothly and keep myself from going insane, I’m just going to select a design at random to send you. I.e., no requesting specific designs. Hope that’s OK! It should be, because they’re all really sweet. Thanks for understanding.