Welcome to Fingers

A newsletter by Dave Infante about drinking culture, being online, and beyond.

Hey! You! Get the hell outta here!

Just kidding. Please stay.

Welcome to Fingers, a newsletter by me, Dave Infante, about drinking culture, being online, and beyond. I’m a journalist/writer/etc. in Charleston, South Carolina, where I write part-time about the beverage industry for the local newspaper, and freelance stories for outlets across the country about the drinks business, drinking culture, digital culture… you name it.

Here’s a brief selection of my work to give you a sense of what I write about, and how:

Hopefully you get the idea. I also used to produce and host videos for Thrillist, a digital media publication I worked at for almost eight years (a veritable eternity in digital media.)

I plan to use Fingers as a place for me to publish stuff from the nexus of drinking culture and online culture, while also writing about labor, class, media, etc. as it pertains to drinking (and maybe even when it doesn’t.) There’s probably going to be some humor writing in here too; maybe even bad poetry, like this.

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OK, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more. I love all y’all baby, I love all y’all (please read in your best Mike Winchell voice, thanks.)